Published Works and Interviews

2022: The relief I felt at being diagnosed with ADHD

Via SBS Voices, SBS Australia. Discussing the story of how I came to be diagnosed with ADHD at age twenty-eight, and how this made sense of my earlier experiences.

2022: I was told how healthy I looked, but I hadn’t slept in days

Via SBS Voices, SBS Australia. Discussing society’s assumption that skinny equals healthy, and the assumptions people make when your weight changes dramatically.

2022: I never appreciated my teachers until I had students of my own

Via SBS Voices, SBS Australia. Discussing the emotional investment of teachers, particularly in problem students, and how it feels to be in both roles.

2021: What I learned from buying my first car at 27

Via SBS Voices, SBS Australia. Discussing what it’s like going from having no money your entire adult life, to suddenly having some and not knowing what to do with it.

2021: Patient Zero

Produced through Writing and Society Research Centre’s The Writing Zone project, Patient Zero is an anthology of work produced in the year of 2021. Featuring work from Anith Mukherjee, Geneva Valek, Harvey Liu, Grace Roodenrys, Laneikka Denne, James W. Goh, Brianna McCarthy, Lucia Tưò’ng Vy Nguyễn, D Vrtaric’, Natasha Pontoh-Supit, Katrina Trinh and Benjamin D. Muir

Edited and designed by Christina Donoghue
Digital chapbook
Published November 2021
ISBN: 978-0-6489982-2-8

2021: Evenings with David Astle, ABC Radio

I spoke with David Astle from ABC Radio Melbourne about my SBS article, passions and possums. Aired 25th of November.

2021: I’m a Writer, an academic and a Trolley Boy

Via SBS Voices, SBS Australia. Discussing the social dynamics of working multiple jobs, some prestigious, some not so much.

2020: ‘House of Leaves changed my life’: the cult novel at 20 by Anrew Lloyd for The Guardian

In April 2020, Andrew Lloyd spoke with Mark Z. Danielewski, Dreebs Thornhill, Timothy Peters and me regarding the book and its lasting impact. Via The Guardian.

2019: Mary Khan Starts a Union

The January 2019 Edition of Antipodean Science Fiction featured a flash fiction I wrote some years back called Mary Khan Starts a Union. It is a humorous piece about the daily frustrations of Mary Khan, Gengis Khan’s 441st wife and perhaps the world’s first trade unionist.

2018: The McMillan Notes: Exploring the Gippsland Massacres through Historiographic Metafiction

My Master of Research thesis, comprised of an extract of my forthcoming novel, The McMillan Diaries under the title The McMillan Notes, and “Its Roots must Hold up the Sky”: House of Leaves and Archived Trauma, my critical paper on Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves.

2017: FBI Radio’s Or It Didn’t Happen @ Studio Stories

For Studio Stories‘ November 2017 edition, I read two of my poems. One of these, The Most Glamorous Night of my Life: A Prose Poem was aired on FBI Radio’s Or It Didn’t Happen, a podcast of local fiction.